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We are a decade old experienced Clinic which provides advanced and painless treatment for Piles, Fissure and Fistula.

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We specialize in:Treatment for Piles Treatment for Fissure and Fistula.

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RAJU's Piles & Proctology Center

With over Thousands of successful cases handled, We does not believe in resting on its laurels and yearns to outdo its goals, accelerate. Its mission for quality yet humane touch towards patient care continues unabated. We are Best Piles Treatment in Bangalore.

Dr Raju is well known in Bangalore for it's effective and Painless treatment of anorectal disorders i.e Piles, Fissure and Fistula. We provide unique treatment for anorectal diseases. Our Clinic is well-equipped with all the facility for the treatment of anorectal diseases.

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Most people who have piles or haemorrhoids (haemorrhoids)- internal or external- feel this is unusual, but in fact any doctor can tell you that piles are quite common. Almost everyone experiences them occasionally, and quite a few have regular issues with hemorrhoids (piles).

Even though common, they can sometimes be cause for concern. If hemorrhoids enlarge, that can cause many problems of which painless bleeding is the most common.

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Anal Fistula

When an irregular false tract occurs between the inside of the rectum and the outside skin surface, an Anal Fistula forms. The anal fistula is classified according to the condition of the tract and the relation of the internal opening to the anal sphincter muscle. Most commonly, this condition develops because of an anal abscess that went untreated. The anal abscess itself is usually the result of a small gland that becomes infected.

The most common symptoms are pain, recurrent swelling, pus discharge and discomfort during the discharge of stool. The most common treatment in India is a surgical treatment; the most common method is the minimally invasive Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment.

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Anal Fissures

When the skin of the anus gets cut or damaged, that is called an anal fissure. It is very similar to what happens when our dry lips get chaffed. Fissures typically bleed and cause pain, which is why they are often confused with haemorrhoids/ piles. When the anal muscles are stretched too far, it usually causes strain on the anus. This can occur to people who suffer from constipation or prolonged diarrhoea.

It also occurs for older patients due to decreased blood flow to the anal area. It is not uncommon for women to develop anal fissures after giving birth as well. And it can also happen to people who have Crohn’s disease.

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Anal or Rectal Abscess

An anorectal abscess (also referred to as an anal abscess, rectal abscess, perianal abscess, or perirectal abscess depending on its location) is a pus-filled cavity that forms within the furrows of the anal canal (called the anal sinuses). Anorectal abscesses are most often caused by the accumulation of common bacteria ​in vulnerable or compromised tissues. As your body tries to control the infection, white blood cells killed in the battle and other bodily fluids start to collect in the tissue, forming a pocket of pus.

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Pilonidal Sinus

Pilonidal sinus disease is a disease of the anorectal region*, characterised by the formation of a sinus in the cleft of the buttocks. It most commonly affects males aged 15-30 years.

A Pilonidal sinus (PNS) occurs in the cleavage between the buttocks (natal cleft) and can cause discomfort, embarrassment and absence from work. It is more common in men (as they have more hair) than in women. The most commonly used surgical techniques for this disorder include excision and primary closure and excision with reconstructive flap.

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Dr Raju S.R.H.

Consultant General Surgeon(Practologist)
Treatment for Piles,Fissure & Fistula,Lazer

Dr Raju S.R.H. Has done basic and advanced surgical training in India and abroad, as a one-stop office based surgical clinic for all common ano-rectal disorders.

The concept is to create the ease and comfort of a simple” walk-in and walk- out” approach prevalent in dental clinics.